Acid Base titration (Sodium Hydroxide/HCl/Sulphuric acid Assay)
Acid Value in oil
Alkaloids-Test  (If Assay is not asked)
Arsenic (as As2O3)
Ash-Acid Insoluble
Ash-water insoluble
Assay by UV Spectrophotometer (Direct dilution)
Assay by UV Spectrophotometer (Extraction based)
Average weight/Unformity of Weight
Boiling point
Bulk Density (Before Tapping and after Tapping)
Carbohydrates (Mass balance Base)
Chemical test-Identification
Chloride-Limit Test
Congealing Temperature
Degree of Substitution
Density/Specific Gravity
Disintegration time
Dissolution Profile
Distillation Range
D-Panthenol (Assay)
ETP-Biological Oxygen Demand
ETP-Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
ETP-Oil & Grease in Water
Fatty acid composition (Without Standard) by Comparison
Fatty Matter
Fluoride by Potentiometer
Foreign matter in Herbs
Friability of Tablets
Fungal Diastase (Assay)
GC Assay
Methyl cobalamin by HPLC
Adenosine cobalamin
L-Methyl Folate by HPLC (1+1)
Hardness as CaCO3
Hardness of Tablet
Heavy metal (As by AAS)
Heavy metal (Cd by AAS)
Heavy metal (Hg by AAS)
Heavy metal (Pb by AAS)
Heavy metals (as Lead)
Heavy metals (Pb, Cd, As and Hg) by AAS
Herbal Identification Macroscopically
Herbal Identification Microscopically
HPLC Analysis
Iodine Value
Iron-Limit Test
Leak test of Strip/Blister
Loss on drying at 105°C for 4 Hrs (max) or Total Solids
Loss on drying under vacuum for 4 Hrs (max) or Total Solids
Melting point
Microbial- Aspergillus niger
Microbial- Bacterial Endotoxins (LAL Test)
Microbial- Bifidobacterium sp. (Probiotics)
Microbial- Bile tolerant gram negative bacteria
Microbial- Candida albicans
Microbial- Escherichia coli
Microbial- Fungal Counts/Tyeast and molds
Microbial- Lactic acid Bacllus
Microbial- Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Microbial- Salmonella species
Microbial- Total Bacterial counts
Microbial- Total Viable Aerobic Counts
Microbial-Staphylococcus aureus
Microbiological Assay (antibiotic/vitamins)
Mineral oil-Test
Optical Rotation/Specific Optical Rotation
Packing Material-Bursting Strength of Packing material
Particle Size by Microscope
Penetration by Penetrometer
Pepsin (Assay)
Peroxide Value
Potentiometric titration
Preservative Efficacy Test as IP/USP
Rancidity Test
Refractive Index
Residue of Ignition/Sulphated ash
Residue on Evaporation
Saponification Value
Saponins-Test  (If Assay is not asked)
Serratiopeptidase (Assay)
Sieve Analysis One + Additional
Sieve Analysis; Through Single Sieve
Simethicone (Assay)
Soluble extractive in alcohol
Soluble extractive in di-ethyl ether/Hexane/Pet Ether
Soluble extractive value in water
Specific gravity/Weight per ml
Sterility test (Open cup Method)
Steroids-Test (If Assay is not asked)
Sugar content (After inversion)
Sugar content (before inversion)
Suspended solids/Disssolved Solids
Swelling Index
Tannins/Phenolics compounds--Test
Tannins/Phenolics content
TLC (Finger Print)
TLC (Related substances* )
Total Soluble solids by Refractometer
Unsaponifiable matter
Vinlypyrrolidone (Imp A) in Crospovidone IP
Viscosity by Brookfieeld Viscometer
Viscosity by Ostwald Viscometer
Volatile oil content
Water content by Dean and Stark method
Water content by KF
Water Testing (IS 10500)
Yeast and mould
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