This division focuses on the consumer goods (FMCG) & offers a range of Classical Ayurvedic Medicines and Ayurvedic OTC products. These products provide the benefits of Ayurveda in ultra modern Packing and in ready to use formats.

This division has over 500 products which are sold over the counter and/or through prescriptions by various Doctors & Vaids. These products are marketed and promoted by five distinct portfolios namely : Personal care, Health care, Home care & Ayurvedic medicines.

Leading Brands under this Division include
  • Kuka Cough Syrup
  • Multani Chywanprash
  • Shaktiton Bal Tonik
  • Glucose D
  • Pachmeena
  • Neelparni

This is the division of the company that carters to all its customers abroad. Multani Products are marketed and sold in many countries abroad. The focus Markets for Multani are
  1. Russia
  2. Thailand
  3. Kazakisthan
  4. Kenya
  5. Ukrain
We are expanding our business abroad and will be opening more countries shortly
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